Saturday 27 March 2010

Well I did it

After a few "prompts" from my best friend, Karen, I finally did it. Created my very own blog.
Now I only have to think about what to put on here lol.

For a start it's a means of linking to a few images of the cards I have made (so others can view if they wish). It's a hobby which I have become addicted to after "gentle shoves" from that same friend. I'm getting better. Considering I only started the craft in Jan of this year, I don't think I'm doing tooooooooo bad. I'm a long way from the standard I see from others. So something to aim for. I'm still looking for "My Style" but so far, fantasy images are my fav.

I should have done this last night 'cos I had everything planned out in my head, you know, those thoughts that won't disappear when you're trying to get to sleep. Oh well, Maybe next time.

In the mean time, my "fav 1st card" is the one I'm going to put here. I ended up colouring in the dragon and it's mistress to make the impact I wanted.

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