Saturday 22 May 2010

another box ?

Tellen's Place have challenged us with a beach party this week. As I commented earlier - the character that immediately came to mind was the marvelous image of "clawed". However, Lyn had already used him to perfection. So which image to choose instead? I wanted to show two faces of "the beach". Both the sunny, fun side and a darker, more sinister side. Gorgon, in my mind would make an ideal "sea witch". So started the journey into the unknown.
Three sides of the box depict a normal sunny afternoon at the beach, it's the fourth, the entrance to the cave that would take us into the darkness beneath.
Using the same technique as described by Lyn aka Black Dragon on her blog for create your own backing paper for stampInsanity, I painted and daubed bits of card. Making boulders, a simple sea side background, the cave and then under the sea. The freebies from Tellen's Place were the ideal occupants for the beach. I took the liberty of slicing off the frames of the Selina Fenech mermaids going to the party for 2 of the sides and added a couple of small line drawings for the mermaids swimming up from the depths.

So we have four sides - now enter the cave and have a look around.........

Thanks for looking and for taking this journey with me.
Also going to enter this into Stamp Insanity SISC9


  1. Hello Helen... happy sunday.... wow girl... this is amazing... you took my idea and ran with it... FANTASTIC... you could have used Clawed but i think Gorgon is far more menacing in the cave sitting on his stash of skulls.
    Helen i bow to your creativeness... this is just so wonderful, so much detail and thought went into this piece ..i love it... and i'm so pleased we found each other through blogging.Take care and enjoy whats left of the weekend.
    love lynx

  2. Wow Wow Wow. Helen this is fantastic. The way you have used the images is amazing. Well done Thanks for playing with us at Tellens Place.
    Luv Jane xxx

  3. Wow awesome Helen! Great use of the images and what you created is beautiful. Thanks for joining us at Tellen's Place!


  4. Holy COW!! HELEN! This is amazing - wow! I love this project - perfect images and your background is incredible! Thanks for sharing it with us at StampInsanity!

  5. Wow, Helen, you really are creative - this is just gorgeous! I love the "fun" beach scene; how you were able to achieve those wonderful waves (I'll have to try that technique myself). I love the dark side into the cave with Gorgon - just delightful, it is! Thanks for playing along with us again at Tellen's Place! :-)

  6. Wow, that is amazing. Thanks for joining us at StampInsanity.