Tuesday 24 September 2013

Broken Heart

The new challenge over at Smudgy Antics this week is

We have all been there...crying our eyes out because somebody we loved broke our hearts. If you haven't had a broken heart, I'm sure you helped one of your best friends mend their broken heart or watched your children get their hearts broken. This fortnight we want you ladies and gents to create a project depicting a broken heart or being broken hearted.
How will you show what a broken heart means to you

I made an art journal page. Or rather I started one. There's still something missing on this for me. Time unfortunately  ran away from me and this is it so far.
I have used tissue paper covered gesso as my base. Whilst it was still wet, I randomly stamped the "Broken Heart" from the Smeared Ink Rubber Club December set, "Heart Wings" over it. I began to hate the drying time needed.
In the meantime I made a mould of the same rubber stamp using toilet tissue and water. More to dry before I could do more.
A paint wash was applied to the main page and the stamped images picked out with a greeny blue wash. The whole thing was dry brushed with copper to pick out the top ridges. The toilet tissue heart was cut out and carefully painted with the same wash as the base. The valleys formed by the stamp ridges picked out with blue paint. The whole thing then sealed with distress stickles.
some orange cordage adhered to the stamped heart shapes but making sure the ends did not meet - they are broken after all.
The text stamps "Love" (crossed out) "Broken" and "Heart" have been heat embossed in black.
Tip to self - make sure every thing is totally dry before carrying out the heat embossing - the heat applied to the not quite dry gesso has caused the text lines to "separate". I'll have to cover this with something and re-apply the text. We live and learn. That's what AJs are all about, isn't it. Trying new techniques.

Thanks for looking folks and come on and show us at Smudgy Antics what this Broken Heart theme means to you.

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