Sunday 7 August 2011


OOps, I was so intent on getting the last Smudgefest project done I nearly forgot to post this that I have been working on as well.
A project set by Haunted Design House to celebrate the life and artwork of one of THE Masters of the Macabre. The Varying Visages of the actor . Barb is also doing a little blog hop round the minions with some fab candy up for grabs. But blogger has been very unkind to me this week and it's been hard enough getting onto my own blog let alone any one elses!

I lifted all the images from Google and stuck them on a clock face. The central image is by Steve Pugh representing "The Pit" and the Pendulum was made by running a small aluminium pie dish through my bigshot to flatten and then card stuck either side. A cocktail stick to hang with.

The numbers are purposely stuck "upside down". A few reasons, the eye has to really look to puzzle the enigma and it would make a person really look at the clock not where the hands are.

I am entering this into the centennial HDH challenge - Varying Visages of VincentLink


  1. Brilliant!!!! What an awesome time piece!!
    Thanks for joining us for our 100th challenge at HDH!

  2. OMg!!! Is this ever uber CREATIVE! Love the title of your post, too. Fabulous work! Thanks for joining the Minions for our celebration this week. xxD

  3. This is so incredibly awesome!!:)

  4. This is such an unusual piece - Love how you did the numerals backwards, all the images are wonderful, and such a cool pendulum - Super Creative!

  5. OMG how did I miss this!!! This is freakin amazing. x