Tuesday 20 October 2015

31 days of Hallowe'en

Hi everyone
It's my turn again to bring a project for today's 31 Days of Hallowe'en for the Airless Chambers team
I used the Rick St Dennis image Bad Science. It fit the image and notion in my head of a spell-caster in "plain clothes". Having pondered over his spell book, off to the dungeon lab to concoct the potion to serve whatever purpose he saw fit. Then, oops, that momentary lack of concentration that befalls so many. Not the paint brush in the tea instead of the water pot like most I know but something a little more dire ...... that spell has destined him to life as a vegetable. Serves him right for wishing ill on someone.

then to add a little extra

the Book of Spells I was talking about....

Friday 9 October 2015

31 days of Halloween with Airless Chambers and RSD

It's that time again for Airless Chambers Crew to join in the creepiest bloghop of the year, the 31 days of Halloween. Organized by Smeared Ink. The AC crew will be using Rick's awesome Halloween digi and / or rubber collection. You can find the digi at his Etsy or Zibbet shop. Rubber only at I Brake For Stamps

Blogroll is in the side bar in Airless Chambers enjoy the hop, if you dare.

Hi everyone. Helen/Croms here with my project for the hop.

Using Willaworm WitchypooHester Hoopgarten and Busted Down Witch on a plywood base that has been sitting waiting for a coat of paint for a while.
Decoart paints/products were used on the base.
Getting a picture without glare - not easy, sorry. So a piccy with and without flash.

and a close up of the little bit of writing .. well I'm sure a lot of you have experienced those mornings after the night before and can relate to how "Busted Witch" looks and is probably feeling.
The background was created by stamping with purple paint onto the green base using one of the stamps that Smeared Ink sold designed by Rick... from the Morte set.