Saturday 30 June 2012

Cupboard Challenges

For a while now there has been a group over on Facebook that started life to find new homes for unwanted/unloved stash for us crafters. This grew as people started wanting to share their makes using their new stash. It has now evolved into a new challenge blog called The Cupboard Trilogy.
Monthly challenges for papercrafts will start tomorrow!
See you there ?

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  1. Hello Im guessing I know you by another name (or this will just look odd) but I love your cards! Ive never seen cards like that and as someone who doesnt do cute and cuddly I think its fantastic. Also as an ME peep who may or may not have fibro its always good to meet a supporter. Now of course youre going to turn around and tell me I chat to you everyday without knowing who you are so in my defense I'll claim the state of brainfog!!!