Monday 26 May 2014

Ripped To Ribbons with HDH

My second post of the day is dedicated to Haunted Design House. A place I call home. Deep in the darkest dungeon imagined. We're inviting you guys to break out your ribbon stash for this challenge. NO - not the pink and frilly variety - it's the darker side of you we want to be allowed to break free. Loose the ties that keep you in the land of Fluff and use them to create a darker piece of art fit for the Mistress of the Underworld.
I used another of the "Book boxes" I have sitting waiting for a make-over. The first was last week in orange and lemon, this one took a darker theme with purple and black.

A purple acrylic wash applied - it is - honest - the light isn't the best to capture it's true colour. Then die cuts from black paper applied . Some black lace and lilac ribbons and a touch of glamour with a strip of black gems. Both back and front are the same.
 The spine was given some decoration with lilac and purple ribbon.
The "leaves" of the book ie the sides were coated with old gold wax. All neatened off with black paper.
Now were's that photo? gone AWOL.
I'll be back later with that.
In the meantime - get those makes linked up at HDH # 189 so that we can see what you can do with a few ribbons - ripped or otherwise.

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  1. Funny how purple never photographs well for me, either, Still brilliant, though, Helen! xxD