Monday 29 September 2014

Ancient Evil

Haunted Design House day here in the cubbyhole.
The challenge started last week and continues to next Monday..........

Ancient Evil

Think back to days of yore, the very distant past.
What sort of evil lurked in the shadows back then? 
Slimy mythical monsters, devils, demons maybe?  How did those, in times forgotten, protect against the unseen terrors?
The task is to unleash the long forgotten myths and demonic creatures of yesteryear and depict in a way of your choosing.

Tombs and sarcophagi were often decorated with what the ancient Kushites and Egyptians called "udjat" eyes — It had a kind of ritual role to protect from the evil eye. It is this idea that I have chosen to use as my interpretation of the theme.

and complete with "mummy"

I covered a wooden coffin shell with grunge paste - making sure there was plenty of "stone-like" texture.
Then came the job of painting. First layer being black then dry brushing in various shades of grey through to "off-white".
The "eyes" are gilding flakes applied to the images painted on with pva glue.
The linen interior of the coffin is muslin dyed with distress re-inkers and the mummy is a TH fractured doll wrapped in more muslin lightly coloured with more re-inker.

What "Ancient Evil" are you going to depict? Or are you going to interpret the theme differently? Come show us at Haunted Design House and get your Hallowe'en decorations off to a good start.


  1. Fab interpretation, Helen! Love the texture of the coffin and the gilded eye is just perfect for the Egyptian theme. Even a mummy! WOW! xxD

  2. Oh this is fabulous Helen!! I love the coffin, love the texture on there! I need gilding flakes - that looks great! And a mummy too!! Awesome! mo xxx