Monday 14 May 2018

A Tale of a Chest with Drawers

Morning all, It looks like it might be a glorious morning here in my corner of the world. The pooch got me up at stupid o'clock with subterfuge just because she thought my bit of the bed would be the most comfy - hence writing this post at this silly hour.

The box was a recent purchase from Tando Creative. Advertised as a Stationery box and supplied with a board hinge at the back but I decided a bit of alteration would suit my needs better.

As with all 3-D projects, this post is picture heavy so all aspects can be seen. I have had this Prima pad for ages and this project screamed "use it" at me.

Front. Quite proud of the way I managed to get the image to line up - even though it took 3 pages of the same design - it was worth it in my eyes. 

The original item comes with a card hinge at the back. These side ways fitted hinges suited me better. Both hinges and handles purchased from Tando.

and the other side

showing the open top and drawers

Finally - the top view

No further embellishment needed in my view. I think the papers and the box provide their own adornment. (Plus adding flowers and such would detract from it's functionality) Thanks for looking.


  1. This looks fabulous Helen :)
    Linda xxx

  2. WOW! You have done a fantastic job to this one Helen! I love it xxx

  3. Love it helen. Beautiful papers.

  4. Beautifully done , great work !.