Friday 16 April 2010

Jaz coloured this one

Not been on here for a few days, my FM has reared it's ugly head again :( Offical diagnosis from doc is that the shoulder and neck muscles cramping make the muscles on the scalp follow hence the vice that has attached itself to my brain. Apparently this is what's causing the loss of balance and not being able to see. Luckily the later is very short lived lasting only a matter of seconds, but it's put me back on the sick til the pills help me control it again.
Was feeling a bit better yesterday due to the muscle relaxants so finished off the image Jaz coloured in for Sarah's birthday card, (that's Ben's g/f), only needed to mount it. I did cut of Tild'a antenae and replace with seed beads on some wire. Artistic licence, hehe. Just thought I'd share this so you all can see how clever my daughter is :D. (Proud mum here)
All the lace, ribbons and papers from stash.


  1. Hi, I'm at hospital on 12th May for alternative treatment - eg physio & accupuncture so we'll see if it helps. I'm taking that many pills now I rattle!! The increase in dosage is also making me feel really weird again! Never ending circle of doom!! Big gentle hugs to you too x x

  2. Wow huni the card is just gorgeous !!! can you get rid of the verify code please.... its ripping my knitting LOL... just set your blog to moderate comments then you can choose what goes on :) Also makes it easier for blog hopping comments.. i will call ya tomorrow at some point :)