Friday 8 October 2010

2 Patterned papers

Morning all. To all those that frequent Tellen's Place, you'll know that this weeks challenge is to use 2 patterned papers to create ........ whatever you like. Well the Divas have been busy as usual and made some diverse projects again. Please go and check them all out. For my part, I have created this.............

A mobile.
You know That saying "Never work with animals and children"? Well add "moving paper projects" to the list.
The main support is made from 2 old coat hangers with some scrap copper electrical wire twisted round. So far I have used 10 of the dark images I adore. There's loads of room for more and this is going to be an ongoing project for a couple of weeks. Check back then for an update.
The main colouring agent I used was my promarkers but I have added touches of flourescent and glow in the dark paint as well to strategic places. Gives a great eerie look - especially in the run up to Halloween.
So far the 10 images used are Gorgon, Cobrena, Hades, Beezle, Zhenix, Devilen, Clawed, Hunchgore, Skullither and Murdra. I have concentrated on those that I haven't used in a while.

The prize for this challenge is three FREE images of our recently released Halloween images.
There's a freebie as well to get you started. What are you waiting for?


  1. Hello Helen. This is a fabulous project. What better way to display and show off all these brilliant images. You have such a wondferful and creative mind and it shows in the fabulous things that you make. Happy crafting.
    With lots of love, Sandra xxx

  2. Helen, I love this mobile, Usually when you think of mobiles, they are hanging over a baby's crib. But this one is just fantastic. Great Job...