Wednesday 18 April 2012

Haunted Design House DT Call

Well, I have ummmm'd and arrrggggg'd over the last few weeks on whether or not to apply for this exulted position of Minion within the HDH dungeon walls. My biggest worry "was I good enough?"
Then came did I have time to devote to a making a weekly project. Well, on reflection, I have made the time in the last few months at having a go at the weekly challenges. It would just mean making them a week or so earlier, on a different timetable, if I were to be chosen.
and because I haven't now got time to create a special project (too much ummming and hawwing)
A few of my fav projects made that reflect my style of crafting on the whole and that have not been entered previously into any HDH challenges include my most recent makes. Probably because I only started paper crafting 2 yrs ago and my earlier projects show my inexperience. When I look back though, most fall into the similar vein. Other projects have normally been made as a special request.

In Mar 
In Feb

In January
and in Dec.

It's now up to the powers that be to make their choice(s)
Thanks to Barb and the existing Minions for this opportunity.


  1. Quite the fabulous array, Croms! Thanks for sharing with the Minions and best of luck. xxD

  2. Congratulations and we wish the best!

  3. All fabulous but then again I always love your stuff. Good luck with the dt submission xx

  4. Good luck, Helen, you sure are good enough don't doubt about that

  5. Good luck girl! I'd say "break a leg", but after the rib ordeal, I thought it best not to tempt fate :)

  6. not good enough? SERIOUSLY come on!good luck and knock them...dead.EE