Monday 17 September 2012

Artistic Insanity? or just Insane?

For the narrative on this - get yourself over to Rick St Dennis' blog, it is so much better explained over there.
You can then decide for yourself whether that straight jacket and the men in white coats are really needed. Either here in Scotland for going along with the project or in California where the idea was hatched.
The idea of turning this
                                                                     and this

into this

Not the easiest job I've undertaken. Taking a pic of a card made using acetate and miri card You should see the number of pics I discarded!!! The actual card does look amazing I have to admit. The different effects one gets just by looking at different angles makes it almost supernatural.
For those interested in knowing - 
Silver miri card was coloured with alcohol inks
just random splodges of colour.
The appropriate images of the Op Art Monster were printed onto acetate and paper. The paper used as a template to cut out from the DP (Crafty Chaos Designs). The three layers of DP then acetate then miri were joined together. Mounted onto a dark blue cs base after edging with dst and then glittered.


  1. I think you did an awesome job, the card looks so cool

  2. Wow - this is super cool. I love the colors and the look of this. You do the most amazing things!

  3. Oh, i love that card Helen! so sooo killer kewl!

  4. He looks great, you did a brilliant job, Love Hxx

  5. WOW! LOVE the effect. This is totally mazing! xxD

  6. I love your are so awesome in your art helen.
    susan s.