Tuesday 23 October 2012

day 23 of the S&S 31 days of Hallowe'en

Day 23 of this fabulous Blog Hop organised by the Smeared and Smudged Forum has come around already 
I'm still hanging in here by the skin of my teeth.
The rules and details of all the fabulous sponsors that have generously donated prizes along the way can be found on Terra's Blog and of course on the Smeared and Smudged forum.
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Today is a simple collection of keyrings that I have made using dominoes.
Each one different but using similar techniques.

The holes drilled through first. Then splodges of different alcohol inks. Then using little inchy stamps, the images were stamped on. The edges were coloured and waxed, the backs covered with paper then glossy accents applied to set the images. Some got gems as well.
When thoroughly dry the clasp was added with the aid of D-rings.
A simple little gift for a few friends.

Having been to see the fabulous Valerie already, I'm sure, it's the turn of the wonderful art of Sharon to be seen 
See you tomorrow for day 24
Thank you for visiting me today and for all the kind comments that have been left by you all throughout this month

I am entering these onto the page of DominoART of Leigh's Readers' Gallery


  1. They look soo cool! Great job! XX

  2. Gorgeous dominoes. I love working with these gems. I love all the different colors. Thank you for sharing your art work.

  3. Those are amazing! I have been collecting dominoes from the local thrift stores, but haven't made anything with them as of yet. You may have just inspired me!

  4. Fabulous, Helen! I'm so loving the domino art I've been seeing. Great depth of colors you've achieved and the images. rock. xxD

  5. Very cool-love the colours and textures-would love to see a collar type necklace done this way

  6. Your set of keyrings are fantastic love them
    Hugs xxx

  7. very cool, love that you made them into keychains!

  8. Fabulous key rings! Now go and enter these in my DominoART Readers' Gallery ;0)

  9. oohh beautiful skinny's :) :) love them wonderfully made.
    susan s.

  10. Awesome key rings! The depth created by the colors on your dominoes is amazing! I just want to touch them! Looks like a lot of work went into these!

  11. Absolutely in love with this.

  12. Absolutely fabulous! I just love the variety!

  13. How lovely! Your key rings are wonderful!