Tuesday 18 May 2010

DragonsDream Tag

OK - I was spurred on by that wonderful artist, Dragon. Have a look at the blogs and you'll see what I mean...Tag It On, start there and work your way round. This weeks challenge is dream "along the river". All you need is a real stamp. Well, having only been crafting since the beginning of this year, my stock of stamps is waaaaaayyy short of a lot of you peeps out there; as you can probably imagine. But, going through my stash, I happened along some stamped images that my good friend Karen had left for me on her last visit. One seemed perfect. I have no idea, I'm afraid, of the origin (maybe someone will enlighten me) and I masked a part of a stamp I do have for the reedy bit. This I stamped onto acrylic. The "river" is some handmade paper that I painted with acrylics and sprinkled a touch of glitter dust on while wet to give the illusion of sun dappling the water and pieced behind the top of the figures. The reedy/grassy bits are from the bamboo growing in my garden. The sound of the wind through this is great. The ribbons etc are from stash. Hope the image is as pleasing for you to look at as it was for me trying out new things. Maybe it's a bit big for a normal tag @ 6"x4" but smaller wouldn't work.
Wow 2 tags in 2 days - I'm on a roll. LOL


  1. Thanks SO much for dreaming with us this week... there is always a way for a take on my themes and you have dreampt a really unusual idea. The dappling of the water is inspired!!

  2. Thank you so much for joining us this week on DragonsDream Tag It On. I love your interpretation and the clever use of the glitter on the water. The real bamboo is inspired! Hope you will dream with us again soon!

    Janet xx

  3. I believe your image is by Stamping Up, fab tag btw