Monday 17 March 2014

It's Monday and That Means It's Macabre

It's time to play a game, week 2, over at the dungeon of Haunted Design House. This fortnight is all about A Game / Inspired by the SAW franchise.
Who doesn't have some random game pieces floating around in their craft stash? A domino, or a chess piece? Kept for sole reason that you may find a use for it someday?
Well, today is that day! Dig into your incomplete jigsaw puzzles, 
and your long forgotten chess sets. This is their chance to shine!  

Now just to be clear, you do not have to use the SAW film franchise, 
but if you'd like to go that route, we'd love to see that kind of art as well. 

The other Minions have woven their magic and devised some awesome artwork, you really need to check them out!
Me? Just a tag

If any of you have not heard - the main antagonist in the films is the character "Jigsaw" hence my play on this. Using an image called "Let Me Out" from Delicious Doodles/ Delicious Darkness (the brain child and pen of Teri, who just happens to be a fellow Minion). Also my Drippy goo punch and a chess pawn as a charm on some chain with some treasured skully ribbon as a tie.
The entire tag coated with clear rock candy to show how cracked up Jigsaw was.

A simple tag really when boiled down to a few words and my son's fingerprint hardly shows. He just HAD to pick it up whilst drying to look.
YOUR turn now to get those projects made and linked in so that we can come and admire how far outside the box you can think/create.

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